Colleen O’Brien

Colleen serves as Drum Sergeant and principal snare drum instructor.  She has a strong music background, dating back to her high school days.

David Rizzo

Dave steps into the role of President/Band Manager, succeeding Dave Staub. He previously served as a Trustee. Dave assists the Drum Sergeant, as a Drum Corporal.

Dave has been a band member since 2014, lives in suburban Rochester with his family including daughter Olivia who is a Band dancer. Dave is a former member of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and now works in IT at a major national firm.

Aaron Hiller

Aaron is an active member and current Fire Chief, of the Brighton Fire Department. He also serves as a Fire Investigator and Deputy Fire Coordinator with the Monroe County Fire Bureau.

Matt Rickett

Matt serves as a Pipe Sergeant and the Band Secretary.

Mike Roffe

Mike serves as a Trustee and a Piping instructor.

Lex Sleeman

Lex serves as a Pipe Sergeant. Lex has an extensive background in piping. He started piping in 1996 as a member of Feadan Or Pipe Band, and joined GKCPP&D in 2009. He is a Band Trustee.

He retired as the Associate Director of Athletics, NCAA Compliance officer, and Title IX deputy at RIT. Since 2002, Lex has been the “official” piper for RIT. The pipes and drums have been a tradition at RIT for their New Student Convocation, the “Women’s Light The Way” convocation, Commencement Convocation and Graduation ceremonies. He has played for George Tenet, Director of the CIA; Senator Charles Schumer; Anne Mulcahy, former Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corp.; Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway; President William Clinton, and Bill Nye, the science guy, to name a few. “Playing for the Keystone Club Police Pipes and Drums has given me the opportunity to give back to those that have given their service to my country, my home and to me in so many ways, it is just a small token to say thank you for what you do and what you have done.”

Glen Johnson

Glen serves as our Pipe Major. He began his piping experience with the Greece Police Northampton Pipes and Drums and came to the Keystone Pipes & Drums in 2007. Glen has served as a Trustee, Pipe Sergeant, and as Quartermaster of the band before being elected to the pinnacle position of Pipe Major.

Stephen Winner

Came to the band after several years with the Rochester Scottish Pipes & Drums. In addition to his position as Drum Major, he serves as a tenor drummer, as well as the band’s webmaster. He previously served as band Secretary, and Band Quartermaster.

Dave Staub

Dave has been appointed the Police Liaison to the Band by Police Chief Jim VanBrederode.

Dave previously served as Band Manager/President since 2010. He stepped down in October 2018, after eight very successful years.

Dave is a veteran member of the Monroe County Law Enforcement and security communities with over 35 years of experience. Following his retirement from the MCSO in 1997, Dave served as the Deputy Chief of Operations at animal control for the City of Rochester. In 1998 he became a Senior Security Supervisor with the Greece Central School District in Greece, NY. Dave came to the Keystone Pipes & Drums in 2005 from the Greece Police Northampton Guards Pipes & Drums where he played snare drum. Dave has permanent status as a FEMA, Center for Domestic Preparedness, Trainer. He also continues his status as a NYS Security and Police Instructor.